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Why Choose a Tri-Jet Over a Twin-Jet?

When you own one of the tri-jets you own the best built business jet in the sky. In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration has certified them with no life limits for any part of the airframe structure.

Aircraft safety is determined by reliability and redundancy.

In the event of an engine failure a reduction of climb rate, speed and altitude occur. Critical engine-driven systems may be compromised including the hydraulic, electrical and bleed-air systems which draw their power from the aircraft's engines. The FAA emphasizes redundancy more than the number of engines for flight safety over water; although there is a relationship between the two.

The Falcon 900 has two hydraulic systems that are powered by hydraulic power from four sources: three engine-driven hydraulic pumps plus a standby pump powered electrically. The left-hand and right-hand engines provide power for the right hydraulic system; and the center engine supplies power for the right hydraulic system with backup from the standby pump.

One system can supply enough hydraulic power to operate the aircraft and land safely if a system fails.

Tri-jets usually have higher resale values than competitive aircraft.

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