Sales & Marketing
Promotional Strategy
Sales and Marketing
21st Century Jet Corporation provides both a comprehensive market evaluation with the clients market position and a detailed review of the aircraft records.
Distinctive marketing programs that target and reach key aviation and executive decision makers help maximize revenue for our client:

* Clients are given the option to utilize professional photography and the expertise of a premium advertising agency.
* At the clients direction, noteworthy first class brochures are developed and distributed to highly qualified purchasers that yield high response rates.
* Utilization of e-mail and internet applications.
* Individual aircraft receive full page color advertising placement in prime publications and locations.

We ensure that potential buyers are pre-screened prior to aircraft presentations; and provide skilled and professional negotiation with the purchaser on your behalf. In addition, progress updates are distributed to you throughout the entire period of the marketing campaign and transaction.

Rest assured, we represent your interests at the prepurchase inspection site; and manage the closing and delivery.

At 21st Century Jet Corporation, it is important for us to be available to you at any time of any day to provide strategic recommendations throughout the transaction process.

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