Promotional Strategy
Professional Marketing

Strategic marketing plays an important role to sell a business jet. This full page color advertisement located in the inside back cover appeared in World Aircraft Sales magazine.

This magazine primarily reaches a higher end demographic,such as Owners, CEO's, Presidents, Senior Level Management and Chief Pilots. And, of the 32,000 copies in circulation,23,000 copies go to decision makers in the United States and 9,000 to decision makers in over 80 other countries via an element of bi-monthly and quarterly rotation. Over 10,700 copies are delivered monthly to U.S. Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), and 740 FBOs in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Additional distribution is made at major aviation trade shows and meetings worldwide.

Research demonstrates that a magazine such as this one with strong editorial content has noteworthy pass-on readership,meaning the magazine is often passed on to others who have similar interests. Consequently, it increases total readership.

An accompanying digital version with unique features and interactive links creates awareness and interest from a wide range of potential buyers from an audience of 50,000 recipients, half in the United States, and half around the world.

A world renowned advertising executive once stated that Direct Mail is his secret weapon in marketing a product or service. 21st Century Jet Corporation shares this belief. Direct Mail is a highly effective promotional strategy because it is very targeted.

The Falcon 50 brochure above was mailed to five thousand business jet owners, operators and brokers as just one part of an exclusive domestic and international marketing campaign, resulting in a successful transaction.

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