Fuel Economics
Tri-Jets Performance

Tri-Jets have earned numerous world and national records for distance, speed, time to climb and sustained altitude.

Noteworthy handling manners, superb poise throughout the operating envelope and light but not oversensitive control feel are characteristic of tri-jets.

With efficient space management the Falcon 900 series aircraft have a larger passenger seating area than the Gulfstream IV. These tri-jets weigh 15 tons less and are 22 feet shorter than the Gulfstream IV and provide a more beneficial ramp presence.

The 900EX can speed across the Atlantic with all seats full at 0.84 IMN; and has 300 NM greater range than the Gulfstream IV-SP. In addition, the 900EX can fly from London to Kansas City, Buenos Aires to New Orleans and Anchorage to Seoul at 0.75 IMN, with
8 passengers and NBAA IFR reserves.

The Falcon 900EX equipped with API's Blended Winglets and The Falcon 900LX are considerably more capable than the Falcon 900EX.

The revolutionary 7X is the world's first purpose built fly-by-wire (FBW) business jet and capitalizes on Mach 2 technology. FBW enables a MMO of .90 and enhanced low-speed handling, pitch and roll stability characteristics. The 7X can climb directly to FL 410 at MTOW at ISA + 10ˆ° conditions.

Evolving from the remarkable success of the 7X; the Falcon 8X has a longer cabin with 30 unique interior layout configurations to choose from, superb fuel efficiency and a range of 6,450 nm.

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