21st Century Jet Corporation's clients benefit from global market and aircrcaft intelligence that identify aircraft that are not only a good value, but also a wise financial decision. Your ability to access this information will ultimately result in a better decision and a properly timed acquisition.

Any aircraft purchased through another broker or dealer will include a commission paid by the owner. But that representative is often slanting the transaction in the owner's favor. As your representative, we will be solely representing your interest. The fee for an exclusive representation is contingent upon performance and is the only compensation 21st Century Jet Corporation will receive for the aircraft acquisition. The value the client receives greatly exceeds the cost of the competitive fee:

* Less legal exposure for you.
* Knowledge of the circumstances, timing and motivation of the seller. This can often markedly affect the changing relative value of the target aircraft.
* Your organization can focus on what you do best, your core business.
* Knowledge of the objections that help drive down the effective purchase price, as well as the knowledge to ask the tough questions. As our client, we will structure the terms and conditions in a manner favorable to you.

On site representation and negotiation of the discrepancies found in the prepurchase inspection. Remember negotiating the price is approximately one third (33%) of a successful acquisition. Getting the aircraft through an inspection and delivery in the proper condition with all the necessary paperwork and documents accounts for the other two thirds (67%).

21st Century Jet Corporation's expertise and knowledge assures that your company will acquire the right aircraft, at the right price, in the best condition. In turn, operating the aircraft will become easier and more predictable for you.

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